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The Only Certified Appraiser In Tyler Who Can Appraise Antiques & Fine Jewelry
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About Us

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Welcome to Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services, home of the only certified appraiser in Tyler, TX who can appraise antiques and fine jewelry. I represent the only estate sale company in Tyler, TX that is qualified to offer estate sales, estate jewelry appraisal, antique appraisal services, and more. In addition to being a jewelry appraiser for 30 years, I also work with a lot of attorneys, decorators, heirs to the estate, and of course people going through divorce litigation.

Talk to anyone who has worked with me over my 30 year career, and you will receive a review consistent with the rest: personable, genuine, brilliant, accommodating, passionate about my business. I built the success of Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services via word-of-mouth momentum, giving my utmost attention to each and every case, therefore winning the approval of each and every client, one by one. Slowly but surely, I became the most reputable appraiser in the area.

Now it is your chance to work with the champion of appraiser services in Tyler, TX, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services keeps prices affordable, so that my expertise is available to every single citizen living in the area. Get in touch with me right now!