Antique Appraisal Services

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Antique Appraisal Services

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Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services has been providing antique appraiser services to Tyler, TX and beyond for 30 years and counting. Antique appraisal services represent a wide-ranging industry in the sense that many appraisers attempt to offer top-notch services, but few truly possess the expertise required to provide 100% accuracy. It takes years and years of industry experience to get to the level of antique appraisal services that I have arrived at.

At Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services, I have been praised for my ability to sift through hundreds of intricate details surrounding the value of an item. I understand better than any other appraiser around that value is ultimately decided based on specific details that many so-called “professionals” aren’t experienced or knowledgeable enough to know about. I have separated myself from all competition because I have dedicated three decades of my life to perfecting the craft.

When you hire Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services, I can guarantee that you are getting the best antique appraisal services in Tyler, TX, and for miles beyond as well.

When you bring your antique in for antique appraisal services, I will not take very long to assess the antique, because my expertise and eye for detail is razor-sharp. There of course are exceptions in which I will ask to keep the item for a day to more carefully review its value, but generally speaking, your appraisal is provided within minutes of my arrival.

At Kurt Hunt Estate Sales and Certified Appraisal Services of Tyler, TX, I am passionate about antique appraisal services, and I provide the most accurate appraisals in the area. If you have any inkling about getting an antique or an item of jewelry appraised, pick up the phone and dial my number. I promise that you won’t regret it!